Photos taken at the HandleBards' performance of Macbeth at Craigmillar Castle, 27/8/2015. One of the few shows of the fringe I went to see - in fact I went to see it twice. The performance was absolutely excellent. Even though it is a tragedy there were plenty of laughs and it was full of ideas. Craigmillar Castle was a great venue for the performance and the weather did its best. The HandleBards were supported by the Duke of Norfolk who provided the musical introduction.

Craigmillar Castle the spectators arrive The Duke of Norfolk The Duke of Norfolk tinned blood mode of transport witches witches messenger the three witches Banquo and Macbeth staring into the future King Duncan tools of murder a dagger Macbeth mere water is not enough sound effects flying arrows Lady Macbeth Macbeth setting sun at Craigmillar Castle Macbeth and Lady Macbeth brewing the witches' brew hired murderer Malcolm sticky blood battle Macbeth