Insects and other small animials are a fascinating subject. It takes some technology to get close up pictures which reveal their intricate forms. They are everywhere, so all that is required is some time to go on bug safaris. This gallery shows the most recent additions to my collection of creepy crawlies.

three St Mark's Fly hungry bumble bee slater comma ladybird first ladybugs red admiral Hawthorn Shieldbug forest bug waiting Small White weevil hungry wasp dragonfly expired cicada black bee black bee expired beetle, ready to be recycled dragonfly Small Copper moth Cinnabar Moth caterpillar Cinnabar Moth caterpillar Cinnabar Moth caterpillar Yellow bands beetle soldier beetles dinner beetle bug bee bug bugs butterfly copper Shield bug dragonfly damselfly grasshopper blue blue damselfly beetle comma carpenter bee time for a wash broad-bordered bee hawk-moth map broad-bordered bee hawk-moth broad-bordered bee hawk-moth broad-bordered bee hawk-moth broad-bordered bee hawk-moth small white common brimstone silver-washed fritillary aphid aphid bee crab spider crab spider fly ladybird larva fly bee tongue ladybird larvae fly galls paper house bee landing hover fly Orange Tip fly St Mark's Fly bee loaded bee landing hover fly wasp fly lady bug beetle larva moth garden spider wet bee refuelling mouse spider comma meadow brown galls bees wild bee fly lots of bugs beetle butterfly butterfly butterfly beetle silver-washed fritillary ladybird ladybird larva ladybird larvae ladybird larva tiger beetle wasp nest eaten map map grasshopper butterfly eaten snail scorpion fly scorpion fly scorpion fly brambles butterfly hoverfly beetle beetle fly admiral two snails ladybird mating beetles wasp and prey well camouflaged bee may fly blue blue peacock painted lady painted lady mating beetles burnet moth butterfly burnet moth butterfly grass hopper river mussel death lurking in the flowers stripy bugs robber fly meadow brown wasp fire bug bee beetle larvae three is a crowd wasp beetle snail fly fly wasp and nest snail leech butterfly wasp and nest fly spider damselflies funnel web spider beetle beetle caterpillars spider spider and prey butterfly bug orangetip fly tadpoles shiny fly beastie red and green accommodation butterfly Rotflügelige Ödlandschrecke (Oedipoda germanica) grasshopper wasp Map (Araschnia levana) Map (Araschnia levana) hummingbird hawk moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) hummingbird hawk moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) hummingbird hawk moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) hummingbird hawk moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) dragon fly bee golden eye leopard moth (Zeuzera pyrina) Drymonia marbled white butterfly butterfly soldier beetles ringlet butterfly shieldbug