The SS (formerly FRS - Fishery Research Ship) Explorer is berthed at Leith Docks. It was launched in 1955 and built by Messrs Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen. It features a triple expansion steam engine and is built using rivited steel. It also was one of the first ships to feature a computer. It was operated by the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen to investigate breeding and feeding grounds of commercial fish.

It was decommisioned in 1984 and came after a while to Leith where it is looked after by the SS Explorer Preservation Society.

Machine Room, SS Explorer, Leith, Scotland
Boiler, SS Explorer, Leith, Scotland
SS Explorer cabin emergency exit galley piston rods captain's type writer officers' mess bridge and deck hatches above engine room view from the top aft deck winch valve winch on deck compass winch net frame fore deck anchor door corridor controls steam supply low and medium pressure cylinders chains in the engine room piston rods work bench along the boiler fuse board controls more controls lots of controls fuel instructions dials speaker dial boiler cables motor medium and high pressure cylinder bell bathroom broken light bridge bridge disconnected voicepipe toilet winch wood and steel teeth SS Explorer window steam winch valves chains SS Explorer Boiler Machine Room Max and model the model and the real thing in the engine room in the engine room three sisters in the marine lab light signal phone anchor winch anchor winch steam winch