During the last few years we seem to have ended up going to Mull and some of the surrounding islands (Staffa and Iona) for day trips. Well, we usually stay in Oban and catch the early boat to Mull. Mull is a great place, not too far away and very beautiful. Here are some of my photos from Mull and the surrounding islands.

Tobermory Bay fountain robin Anemone nemorosa moss bridge no more tea ship wrecks rusty gadget chains Orange Sea Lichen snail red seaweed seaweed with some tubeworms (Spirorbis spirorbis) Marsh Marigold primrose tree Tobermory two cylinders Tobermory Boats Lismore Lighthouse lesser celandine old boat coo snail crab carapace and attachments starfish Staffa Fingal's Cave gull Fingal's Cave green spillage Beadlet Anemone Beadlet Anemone on Staffa shags hanging out Eider ducks taking off grey seal pup grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) common seal (Phoca vitulina) pencil church, Dervaig Staffa Staffa Fingal's Cave Mull View Castle Duart Calgary Gravestone Tobermory Salen Wrecks Ferry coming in Lismore Lighthouse Cloister, Iona Abby St Martin's Cross, Iona Iona Abbey Nunnery, Iona Nunnery, Iona Fionnphort Beach Ben More, Mull stag on Mull Duart Castle in the Morning Sun sun rise Duart Castle shell Ben More, Mull ducks boats Iona Abbey blue sea Maclean's Cross, Iona Iona Abbey shepard's abode Iona Iona ruin, Iona St Martin's Cross, Iona old and new II Effigies of George Douglas, 8th Duke of Argyll and his third wife Ina McNeill old and new I ferry arriving in Craignure sorting hat cloud shadows and ripples expired swimming crab DSC_6507 little stream afternoon sun over Mull red shrooms (scarlet waxcap) even more shrooms snail mussels razor clam small landscape looking out looking out DSC_6371 bridge more fungi DSC_6355 lintel ruin raised autumn beach quite happy looking and well fed sunrise Duart Castle