Prestongrange Insdustrial Museum on a site with a long history of industrial activity, including a harbour, glass works, pottery, colliery and brickworks. One of the most impressive features is the beam engine which is still in its original place. The coal pit was closed in the 60ies and the brickworks in 1975. There are some wonderfully decaying rail trucks and a fantastic winding engine.

Prestongrange Brick beehive kiln foundations and pit baths controls cables Prestongrange valve Prestongrange parked and chained wheels winding drum winding engine beam engine and pit head foundations winding gear winding gear danger Hoffmann Kiln Hoffmann Kiln Hoffmann Kiln Hoffmann Kiln at Prestongrange cross over bridge pit head tracks rails dandelion stairs Hoffman Kiln Cornish Beam Engine worm drive rusted... cylinder rust from the ash lagoon rose fly portrait winding gear rusted patch work wood steel rope winch and brambles hover fly, approaching beam engine power house detail of the beam engine USER Continuous Hoffman Kiln reclaimed wagon beam engine house Max in a wagon valve steam crane wagons rubber suspension pit head