I had the great privilege of visiting Longyearbyen, Svalbard during the late winter of 2012. I was helping out teaching a Glaciology Course at Unis. Unfortunately, it was relatively warm and the fjords were not frozen so we could not reach all the places we wanted to go to. We did manage to have some trips and explored some meltwater tunnels.

boots - the Norwegian way Gruve 2 escaped heat reindeer Sverdruphamaren Pedestrian Zone, Longyearbyen UNIS, Longyearbyen view from the office directions snowed in beware of the teens spider at the centre of the bucket runs Spitzbergen past industrial activities Longyearbyen mountain sunset over Longyearbyen golden mountains foolish ice bridge till at the ice base glacier ice icicles in the ice cave looking out/looking in melt water tunnel frozen splashes busy PhD students unstable shiny